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Simplicity in design is very in vogue.

Many homeowners desire clean lines and sleek spaces, often leaving trim and passementerie feeling neglected in the design process.

Trim can be an important element to any design, whether the space is very traditional, eclectic or minimal, thanks to companies like Samuel & Sons and Fringe Market, there is always room for beautiful trim!

From leather to crystal to wood to feathers, there is something for every space and every application.

Leave behind your preconceived notions of overly decorated living rooms and stuffy drapery and take a look at some of our favorite trimmed spaces!

Mark D. Sikes takes trim from the sofa to the walls emphasizing vertical interest

We love the bright colors and variety from Samuel & Sons Strata Collection!

A colorful geometric trim makes an ordinary lamp shade extraordinary

Soft detailed tape compliments the block print fabrics in this nook

Samuel & Sons ombre tape outlines a beautiful toile wallpaper

Framing walls with contrasting trim is a great way to introduce color to neutral spaces

White tassels are the perfect punch to this coral sofa designed by Celerie Kemble

Yellow silk embroidered tape creates interest and elegance in this all white space

Thick tape gives this window seat dimension while the border adds contrast to the pillows

Ashley Whittaker uses a fun tape with nail heads to frame this adorable children's room

Embroidered tape adorns this simple and sophisticated sofa in a space designed by Katie Ridder

Contrasting piping and tape tie this funky yet classic bedroom together

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