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Photo shoot day. The day all designers look forward to, seeing their hard work and effort beautifully captured. The furnishings, wallpaper, paint, artwork, accessories-these elements create the space. However, the final touches are what make the space a home. And a house is not a home without flowers.

Floral arrangements are a crucial part in finishing a space, just look at any interior design magazine. Flowers serve as the centerpiece or an accent to almost every room.

This simple addition to a space requires a bit more effort than one would think, here is what needs to be considered to create a photo shoot ready floral arrangement.

Step 1. Picking the right vase… scale matters!

The vase is what grounds the arrangement. First think about scale, where is the arrangement being placed? How much space should it take up? What height is most suitable for the space? It’s important to decide whether the space calls for a simple glass vessel or something more striking, like a decorative vase or ginger jar. Something simple always does the trick, but if you are going to go with something more ornate, make sure it complements the space and does not distract from it.

Don’t be afraid to re-purpose something from your client's home, chances are it will work naturally with the space and will add a personal touch!

Step 2. Choosing the flowers

Research comes into play here. Remember, you are choosing flowers for a photo shoot. They must be resilient and able to withstand some manipulation. Photo shoots are usually an all-day affair and items tend to get moved in order to find the best shot. Beautiful, yet resilient is your best bet.

Keep in mind, after the photo shoot wraps, your clients will be left to enjoy the arrangements! Plan around resilience but also plan around their tastes and what they will enjoy! Bonus points for creating something your client can recreate themselves long after you’re gone. Think of the arrangement as a guide to help them keep their place always looking photo shoot ready.

Here are some great options:





Bells of Ireland


Step 3. Purchasing Florals

Hands down the best stop to shop for all things floral is the New York Flower District. West 28th street is bustling as early as 5:30 am with endless vendors and selections. It is of the utmost importance to do your research prior to your visit. Having a good idea of what you are looking for makes the experience far less daunting.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Go the morning of or the day prior to your photo shoot

  • Start early, this way you get your pick of the largest and freshest flowers

  • Ask questions, the vendors are knowledgeable and will point you in the right direction

  • Have your vase measurements handy to reference scale

  • Credit cards are not always welcome, bring cash!

Step 4. Prepping your flowers

You may think otherwise, but do not refrigerate your flowers! The best way to keep flowers fresh is to keep them in a cool and sun-free place. Use a floral scissor to cut stems at a 45 degree angle (be mindful of vase height!) and place them into clean water, remove all unwanted leaves.

Step 5. Creating the arrangement

Creating the arrangement takes times, plan on 45 minutes to an hour to get the arrangement to look just right. There is no exact science to creating a perfect arrangement but here are some tips to guarantee a well-balanced natural look!

  • Start with placing greenery as the foundation

  • Place larger and taller flowers around the foundation

  • Add smaller flowers to create depth and balance

  • Use extra greenery to fill in empty spaces- the arrangement should be full but there should be room for the flowers to naturally fall

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