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If you are not following him already, you must follow @DonaldDrawbertson on Instagram. The first time I discovered Donald Robertson, aka “Drawbertson”, his colorful and cheeky illustrations immediately caught my eye. I soon became fascinated at how Drawbertson turns the most common everyday item, such as a Whole Foods bag or a bottle of laundry detergent, into art. After following him for a couple days I decided to do a little research. I discovered that this illustrator is head of creative development at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and one of the founders of M.A.C. cosmetics. He is an artist/doodler/eccentric pop art painter and duct-tape artist extraordinaire. He updates his Instagram multiple times daily for over 97,000 followers.

What turned me from a regular fan to Drawberson-obsessed is his partnership with the ASPCA. In conjunction with the Young Friends event, One Kings Lane is featuring special Drawberstson-designed prints and items with 100 percent of the proceeds directly benefitting the ASPCA. It doesn’t get better than this, folks! Check out the sale here.

Acrylic and tape on canvas - Louis Vuitton & Comme des Garcons


Drawbertson loves to illustrate fashion icons like Anna Wintour


A reoccuring character is Mitford, Drawbertson's giraffe cartoon.


With a Whold Foods bag and a sense of humor, Drawbertson created a Kermès bag!

drawbertson_cocopuffs_COCO CHANNEL CEREAL BOX.jpg

Channel Coco Puffs

Drawberton eric firestone hamptons gallery opening.jpg

Eric Firestone Gallery opening

drawbertson at colette.jpg

Illustrating at Colette in Paris


He even makes a banana look chic


Donald X ASPCA - get yours now!

UPDATE: I got to meet Donald at Story in NYC. He was there for an evening drawing portraits for shoppers. It was quite the event. I stood in line for a little over two hours to meet Donald and get my portrait. It was worth the wait. He was so nice and I LOVE my little drawing.

Drawbertson 2.JPG
Drawbertson 1.JPG

Drawbertson  Story.jpg

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