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Wallpaper is one of my favorite things - second only to light fixtures. I want to own my home so I can finally put wallpaper everywhere. There are so many patterns I love. Just like lighting, wallpaper can create a variety of moods and the possibilities are endless. My favorite retail wallpaper supplier is Hygge & West. They have more than just birds. Check it out:

Perhaps the best installation of Petal Pusher in Gold I've seen yet. How nice for a little girl's room.

Did you know Petal Pusher comes in other colorways like the gray/gold picutred here?

This pattern is bananas. It's the perfect pattern for me and my husband since we love to travel so much. We already have so many Rio souveniers- this would blend right in.

Words can't express how much I love the Pineapple pattern in sorbet.

No matter how many times I see this wallpaper, I still love it. Each installation is so different.

Hygge and West Daydream.jpeg

Obv the perfect wallpaper for the ceiling.

Daydream Orange hygge and west.jpg

Did you know it comes in a variety of other colorways? Daydream in Orange:

DaydreamRed hygge and west.jpg

Daydream in Red

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