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I basically have a design crush on this girl. Her design philosophy really resonates with me and I love her portfolio of work. She's fun and quirky and her work is so well-curated. And she has blonde hair like me. Emily is a home style expert, host and designer of Secrets from a Stylist on HGTV, and a writer/producer of her daily style blog.

Snipets from Emily's design philosophy:

"I believe a room is soulless without something that is vintage or antique...I believe a home should look like the person that inhabits it, not a catalog, not what you think others would like — but really, truly like you. I believe that a perfect house is like a perfect person; no one really wants to be around them and everyone secretly hates them..."

Take a look at some of her work:

Emily in her own home

I love the artwork in this dining room.

emily henderson home 3.jpg

What a cool eclectic living room. I've never seen that West Elm rug look so good.

Calm and cozy living room

dining secrets by emily henderson.jpg

Wild mix of colors

emily henderson home bedroom

I like the mix of colors, patterns, and textures. I see one of my favorite pillows in the mix.

emily henderson kids room nursery

Fun and sophisticated kid's playroom

Oh Joy's Studio

Fig-House- emily henderson.jpg

The Fig House.

hygge and west living emily henderson.jpeg

Do you recognize this wallpaper from a previous post? I never woud have thought to put this in a living room but this installation is blowing my mind.

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